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Circle of Sisters Membership (ANNUAL FEE) – With this Members-As-Donors membership model donors will submit a membership fee and gain status as members, receiving in return the satisfaction of knowing they’re supporting a good cause. Because donors don’t receive any internal influence at the organization, the interaction between the organization and the member is usually limited after members pay their dues.

Members will have certain privileges or perks in exchange for charitable contributions given in the form of membership fees. CS will offer to its Circle of Sisters members exclusive access to and opportunities of specific service offerings such as: invitation only special events, exclusive discussions, networking opportunities, special/reduce price discounts and preferred seating at certain events; and will be the “first-to-know” about certain upcoming events.

Whether you subscribe as a Member-As-Supporter or Member-As-Donor, it is our hope that in return, with your support, Celebrating Sisterhood will build a strong network of donors and supporters that can support each other, further the cause, and that every member will offer their voice, actions, and skills to grow the organization and enrich the lives of women.

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