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Hey Queen! is a division of Celebrating Sisterhood specifically created to empower and celebrate young adult females age 18 – 35.  Hey Queen! offers young women a space to:

  • Engage and discuss various relevant topics and issues; and offer sound advice in an inviting and safe place conveyed in a relatable voice that speaks and matters to them;
  • Provide inspirational encouragement and foster personal, professional, and spiritual development;
  • Exchange information and resources; and
  • Network, cultivate meaningful relationships, and to have FUN!!!!!

CS & Hey Queen! seeks to close the gap between the young and “young-at-heart.” Each committed to valuing, respecting, listening, and reaching out to the other for the purpose of cultivating relationships and creating and leaving a legacy. This is achieved by use of: support, advice, guidance, information, and accountability among both groups.

If you would like to learn more about or be a part of Hey Queen! click here to our membership page or email us at: HeyQueen!@celebratingsisterhood.com.