Happy Friday My CS Friends!

By now all of you know I have completed my chemo treatments – YIPPIE, THANK YOU JESUS!! That is an experience that I would not wish anyone to go through, If I can just be transparent for a moment, it really took a toll on me physically, emotionally, psychologically, There were times when I was “holding on by the thread of my faith.” There were many times I just laid in my bed for days, weak from the chemo, sick, not being able to eat, worried if I would ever recover back fully, frustrated because I am now experiencing “uncharted territory” totally stripped of functioning as I was accustom to doing and being.
Strangely, with all what I have been experiencing, I never questioned, Why? I believe it is my deep abiding faith in God assuring me that no matter what he is always with me – the good, the bad, the ugly, the questionable, the explainable, and the unexplained. In addition to my faith, it is because all of you, my family, and friends who expressed and demonstrated your support, care, and love in various manner. I made a conscious decision that I will NOT worry! I choose to activate my faith even more by thinking positively, embracing the love and support, rejecting all negativity, speaking life, not death and confronting every fear that would attempt to assail and counter my faith and telling myself, that whatever my lot God has taught me to say, It is WELL with my soul, because faith rest in HIM and HIM alone!
With all that said, I just want to share with you this devotional I read this morning that reminded me about the dangers of worrying. Whether you are experiencing an illness, a financial loss, a death of a loved one, or worries about your marriage and/or children, bills, housing, tuition payments, safety, etc., just remember you can share/ cast your worries to the Lord in prayer and watch how he will grant your the peace and guidance as to how to handle that you is troubling you.
He cares about every fiber of our being, regardless of how big or small! Don’t let worry take you (or me) out! Let’s protect and preserve our bodies so we can live a prosperous, fruitful, meaningful and purposeful life God has for us to live!
Be Encouraged on this day!

Did you know that worrying about your health can actually worsen your health? Identified impacts of worry and anxiety on the body include: stomach pain, acne, weight gain (slower metabolism), body aches, hair loss, loss of libido, heartburn, and more. This is because when you worry, your body releases hormones called cortisone and adrenaline that are provided by God to equip you for real danger. The only problem with worry is that your body cannot tell the difference between real or perceived danger.

Because worry arouses a feeling of impending doom, your body responds by elevating your hormone levels—even though the “danger” is something you only imagined! When these stress hormones are free to roam in your blood stream over a prolonged period of time, they can become toxic to your glands, heart, digestion, and nervous system.

This can eventually lead to real health issues and real damage to any number of systems and organs in your body. Our bodies simply weren’t designed to remain in a constant state of alert, otherwise known as “fight or flight” panic, any longer than what’s necessary to trigger an appropriate response to danger.

That’s why it is SO important to overcome both worry and anxiety regarding known or unknown health issues. You need to be at your optimum level of health to heal, and to ward off health issues. Prayer is one way to do just that.


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