Our mission is to celebrate a collective network of women from various walks of life dedicated to fostering social connections. We are committed to helping women live out their God-given purpose by serving as a catalyst for personal, professional, and spiritual development.


The Founder

Robin M. Shine Maddox is the Founder, President of Celebrating Sisterhood and Chief Executive Officer of SHINE CONSULTANTS. Robin is known among her peers and colleagues to be a “consummate collaborator & motivator” who enjoys the challenge of working and assisting individuals in achieving their desired goals by using her Christian faith to guide her professional and personal growth and development.

Furthermore, Robin incorporates her faith experience as a primary resource that drives her decisions and activities. Consequently, Robin’s commitment to her faith, allows her to practice, conduct, and engage in business transactions that are ethically and morally sound resulting in high levels of integrity, encouragement, and excitement. Robin has and continues to utilize her networking, organizational, and managerial skills, countless resources and contacts to assist others in accomplishing their stated goals and to help in developing and conceptualizing ideas. Finally, one ‘essential skill that Robin possesses is the uncanny ability to join diverse groups and stakeholders around a common goal which leads to tangible results that integrate various and disparate agendas which compliments her people-person personality style and her enjoyment of working and meeting people of all ethnic, racial, denominational, and economic backgrounds.

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“We Are Fine, Fit, and Fabulous Women in Pursuit of Fulfilling Our God-given Purpose”

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