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Celebrating Sisterhood

Robin Shine Maddox - Founder/CEO

Robin M. Maddox is the Founder, President of Celebrating Sisterhood and Chief Networking Officer of SHINE CONNECTIONS LLC. Robin is known among her peers and colleagues to be a “consummate collaborator & motivator” who enjoys the challenge of working and assisting individuals in achieving their desired goals by using her Christian faith to guide her professional and personal growth and development. Furthermore, Robin incorporates her faith experience as a primary resource that drives her decisions and activities.

“Your very being means that you have PURPOSE!”

Robin M. Maddox serves as the Founder and President of Celebrating Sisterhood and holds the position of Chief Networking Officer at SHINE CONNECTIONS LLC. Renowned among her peers and colleagues as a “consummate collaborator & motivator,” Robin thrives on the challenge of assisting individuals in achieving their goals, drawing upon her Christian faith as a guiding force in both her professional and personal growth. Her faith experience serves as a primary resource, influencing her decisions and actions, ensuring that her business transactions uphold high standards of ethics and morality, thereby fostering integrity, encouragement, and excitement.

With a steadfast commitment to her faith, Robin leverages her networking, organizational, and managerial expertise, as well as an extensive array of resources and contacts, to support others in realizing their objectives and nurturing innovative ideas. Notably, Robin possesses a unique talent for uniting diverse groups and stakeholders around a shared vision, resulting in tangible outcomes that harmonize various agendas. Her innate ability to engage with individuals from diverse ethnic, racial, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds reflects her people-centric personality and genuine enjoyment of fostering connections within diverse communities.

Academic Accomplishments:

  • Master of Public Administration, University of Delaware, with a Certificate of Professional Development Training in Non-Profit Management and Community Development.
  • Bachelor of Science degree in sociology from Lincoln University.
    Licensed Minister, 2017
  • Berachah Baptist Church
    Graduate, Certificate in Biblical Counseling from Christian Research and Development (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Evangelical Training Association Certificate, Biblical Studies – New Life Bible Institute
    Professional Achievements:
  • Over twenty-five years of combined experience working in the nonprofit, private, and public sectors.
  • Founder & Executive Leader, Celebrating Sisterhood
    Visionary & Convenor, SHE SHINES Conference
    Principal Consultant,
  • SHINE Connections LLC. is a professional consultative strategic engagement service company designed to ease the burden of clients having to navigate through complex bureaucratic systems and challenging dilemmas in search of viable solutions.

Community Engagements:

Robin is a dynamic leader known for her active engagement and collaboration with various local, statewide, and national organizations, advocating passionately for social justice, voting rights, and women’s empowerment. As a breast cancer survivor, she plays a pivotal role on the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition, facilitating vital connections to resources for those undergoing diagnosis and treatment. Robin’s community involvement extends to numerous planning committees, boards, and leadership roles.

Her boundless energy and enthusiasm characterize her commitment, viewing her work as not just a duty but a mission, a purpose, and a “calling.” Robin encapsulates her mission in a concise four-word statement: to Empower, Inspire, offer Hope, and to SHINE brightly, illuminating the paths of others as they journey toward their goals. Her infectious spirit and unwavering drive motivate and inspire others to embrace their purpose and savor the journey of life.Top of FormBottom of Form

Robin incorporates her birth last name, SHINE, into her brand, which reflects her radiant personality! Regardless of the circles you encounter her in, Robin always SHINES!

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