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Upcoming Events for Breast Cancer Awareness and a Summary of the She Shines Conference

Our mission is to celebrate a collective network of women from various walks of life dedicated to fostering social connections. We are committed to helping women live out their God-given purpose by serving as a catalyst for personal, professional and spiritual development.

She Shines Conference


Comfy Couch Conversation

Real Talk For Real Times

Robin Shine Maddox

Inspire, Hope, & Shine

Robin Shine Maddox

Robin M. Maddox is the Founder, President of Celebrating Sisterhood and Chief Networking Officer of SHINE CONNECTIONS LLC. Robin is known among her peers and colleagues to be a “consummate collaborator & motivator” who enjoys the challenge of working and assisting individuals in achieving their desired goals by using her Christian faith to guide her professional and personal growth and development. Furthermore, Robin incorporates her faith experience as a primary resource that drives her decisions and activities.

She Shines Conference 2022 Recap

SHE SHINES! is a women’s conference especially designed for women of color. The purpose of this conference is to mobilize, empower, engage, enrich, and inspire a collective network of women from various walks of life and diverse experiences.
SHE SHINES, as she embraces her culture while aspiring to live a thriving, God-inspired purposeful life in her home, workplace, community, houses of worship, and in the public sphere.

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